Through a range of services dedicated to importing or exporting a vehicle, we offer full and personalised support to each customer. We strive to completely satisfy our customers. Our services are implemented with the highest level of excellence.

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With two decades of service for a clientele of discerning motorists, exotic car enthusiasts, performance enthusiasts and vintage car collectors, our team has always lived up to the challenges it has been entrusted. From the search for a rare jewel to secure delivery at home, to pre-purchase expertise and international transport in optimal conditions, no project is too ambitious for

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Automotive expertise

An automotive expert is on site to inspect the car before purchase.

International logistics

Land, sea and air transport.


Delivery at home, at your workplace or at another garage.

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For a warm and professional discussion about your project, ask to be called by an advisor.

Our commitments: Security and Reliability

Buying a vehicle online is not trivial. Throughout the process, secures your acquisition.

This includes the complete inspection of the vehicle by an automotive expert upon request. Transport is controlled from start to finish.

Relax comfortably in your sofa. Our staff takes care of the rest.

We do not keep inventory, that is what makes all the difference.

Our advisers have no financial interests in offering you one vehicle rather than another; their only mission is to guarantee your satisfaction. acts as a trusted third party for your interests.

Being objective in our advisory mission is the guarantee that you are getting a good deal / the best deal.

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Open Car Transport (USA)
Roll-On, Roll-Off
Logistics and organisation
Delivery time: 12 to 14 weeks *

2,850 € *2,850 € *

Open Car Transport (USA)
Secure shipping container
10 checkpoints inspection
Economic insurance (loss)
Logistics and organisation
Delivery time: 10 to 12 weeks *

3,650 € *3,650 € *

Open Car Transport (USA)
Secure shipping container
Car cover
25 checkpoints inspection
Insurance: loss and damage
Logistics and organisation
Delivery time: 8 to 10 weeks *

4,450 € * 4,450 $ *

Enclosed trailer
Dedicated shipping container
Car cover
50 checkpoints inspection
Global third-party insurance
Logistics and organisation
Car detailed
Delivery time: 4 to 6 weeks *

5,650 € *5,650 $ *

* These prices and delivery times are indicative and may vary depending on the location of the vehicle or the weather conditions.
* Possibility of home delivery and registration (see FAQ).
* After three unsuccessful attempts characterised by the non-payment of the pack within the deadlines, your account will be suspended.

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How can we help you?

Choose a question that fits your request

How do I order a vehicle?

Simply give us the details of an advert you have located on the Internet or use our partner's search engine: On this website, choose your options and, first of all, the 'pack' of our basic services. We will process your order to export your vehicle in the best conditions to your home, anywhere in Europe if you choose so.

What are the deadlines for payment?

Sellers rarely accept to wait more than two weeks, and this in the best case. Funds must reach the seller within 10 days from the payment of the initial down payment. If you do not meet these deadlines, you may miss the sale, as the seller can choose a more reactive buyer; otherwise, you may lose the amounts previously paid as compensation. No special derogation can be tolerated except with the express acceptance of the seller.

I have spotted a vehicle on the Americar.Online search engine or on another website, but the US seller offers me its service to import it. What should I do?

We recommend that you remain vigilant; there are not only honest people on the Internet. You can come across a malicious or unscrupulous salesperson. Offers that are too tempting should alert you as it is common for sellers or importers to reveal the full cost of importing only once you have already paid for the vehicle. Through our company you will know in advance the full costs related to the correct import of your vehicle.

I spotted a vehicle on another website. How do I proceed?

Please send us the link to the advert concerned as soon as possible to guarantee your chances of acquisition. Then, we will proceed as for the Americar.Online website.

Can I choose a private advert?

Vehicles advertised by private individuals often benefit from rates that are more competitive than those presented by professionals. Nevertheless, you must bear in mind that when buying from a professional, the vehicle will have undergone prior checks. Moreover, professionals have obligations to respect what tends to reduce risks. In general, the vehicles correspond more to their description. Either way, we recommend that you hire a car expert before you commit.

How do I pay for a vehicle?

Once you have spotted a vehicle on the website, click on 'Get an import quote' and select the pack that suits you best. Once your order has been confirmed and the payment has been made, you will receive an invoice in your customer space related to the logistics costs for exporting your vehicle. This invoice is payable by bank transfer within three days. Make sure you have the necessary funds for the entire transaction. Payment of the vehicle must be settled within 10 days by bank transfer in US dollars (USD) so that you can benefit from the best exchange rate.

What types of payment do you accept?

You have the option to pay via bank transfer, credit card, PayPal and BitCoin.

What are the deadlines for payment?

Sellers rarely accept to wait more than two weeks, and this in the best case. Funds must reach the seller within 10 days from the payment of the initial down payment. If you do not meet these deadlines, you may miss the sale, as the seller can choose a more reactive buyer; otherwise, you may lose the amounts previously paid as compensation. No special derogation can be tolerated except with the express acceptance of the seller.

Does ordering a pack commit me to make the payment?

Yes, you should make your payment within three days. Any person making more than three requests without any one being confirmed by payment will be prohibited access to our service. In response to the large number of requests, we try to respond to each as soon as possible. Consequently, we cannot spend our time responding to solicitations that do not lead to payment. This would be to the detriment of other customers. We thank you for your understanding.

Who do I pay for the vehicle?

As the vehicle owned by the seller, you will pay the price in dollars requested directly to the him according to his procedures. You will have to pay in advance the other costs of the import procedure in the payment of the pack chosen.

Can I pay with my American bank account?

Yes, of course. This is the fastest method to pay for a vehicle as transfers are immediate insofar as this account is declared in your country of habitual residence.

Can I pay with multiple accounts?

Yes, however, it is preferable that you transfer the funds to only one of the accounts. This will prevent you from having to pay several times the charges related to international transfers, and always from accounts normally declared.

Is it possible to pay cash?

In the US you can pay for your car in cash. You can also make transfers via Western Union or another money orders. However, some vendors may refuse this method of payment. Consult the regulations of your country of habitual residence, especially in Europe where cash regulations are regulated.

I would like to have an invoice to constitute a bank loan application.

Warning! You must first inform the seller of this procedure. If the seller agrees to establish a proforma invoice, he will request an acknowledgment of receipt of the funds within 10 days. If he requests that you pay a deposit, it must be paid to him up front. The payment of this deposit confirms the order. Consequently, in the event that your credit is not set up, you risk losing this deposit on account of compensation.

Is it still possible to negotiate a vehicle with a seller?

We are not party to the sale. As a result, we are not negotiators and cannot guarantee you any discounts. Once you have subscribed to a pack, we become your representative. As such, whenever possible we ask for a discount for our customers. Some sellers consent because of our position in this sector, but it is not systematic. This intervention justifies sharing the rebate obtained between our customers and our company in order to compensate for the time we devote to this process. Half the rebate obtained is allocated to you and reduces the purchase price of your vehicle as well as all the charges and taxes directly calculated on the said purchase price of the vehicle.

Are your logistics rates negotiable?

No, our rates are calculated just to ensure the perfect success of each project. We attain the highest satisfaction of our customers by providing them with high-level services.

Can logistics costs be subject to modification during the journey?

No, the prices correspond to the price that will have been communicated to you in advance, except for certain cases of force majeure or political crisis.

Can I contest my payment by credit card?

You cannot contest a bank card payment unless you show that it is a scam or a theft.

I see price differences on seemingly similar vehicles. Why?

This depends on the condition of the vehicle and its rarity. Old vehicles may be proposed in their original condition, to be restored, restored or as a contest. The quality of a vehicle depends above all on the budget allocated. In any event, we will commission an expert to inspect the vehicle before the purchase. An expert report will be sent to you within 72 hours. It will be accompanied by photos and if necessary, videos. This expertise can be further developed according to the 'pack' option.

Can I get a preferential rate if I order multiple vehicles?

We would be delighted to allow you to acquire several vehicles simultaneously. In this case, if grouping is possible, you will benefit from an adapted pricing, not on the price of the vehicles, but only on our own services.

How can I be sure not to pay too much for my import?

You are free to make a comparison between the various players in the sector. We opted for transparency, the prices offered correspond to the prices offered by the sellers plus the logistics and export costs that we directly obtained for all of our customers and corresponding to the 'pack' options. We are constantly looking for the best possible conditions for our customers. We strive to minimise intermediaries. Our company works closely with all the suppliers needed to transport your vehicle. It should be remembered, however, that each suppliers is independent, that we have no subordinate relationship and that they are solely responsible for their intervention. As a result, we allow you to buy a vehicle in the USA and have it delivered to you in what we consider to be the best possible conditions.

How do I know the total cost of my import?

It is very simple, register for free on our website in order to use our calculator. Fill in your vehicle information to get an estimate including taxes. This will help you prepare for the project. However, the costs with the calculator can be varied beyond 24 hours in view of currency fluctuations between currencies. You should check these fluctuations. We advise you always to provide a safety margin.

I spotted a vehicle, but I would not have the funds in 10 days or more. What should I do?

With 325 million Americans, vehicles sell in a few days or even hours. It is best to contact us as soon as you have the full amount to make this purchase. Bargins are not lacking, rest assured.

How is the vehicle repatriated in the container?

You do not have to do anything. Our freight forwarder will contact you once he has received the purchase invoice as well as the administrative documents allowing the export. He will calculate the taxes that you will have to pay him directly on arrival. The value to be declared in customs is the value mentioned on your purchase invoice. No reduction can be requested.

How can I take advantage of the home delivery service?

If you do not want to go to the port, our agent will propose the best rate for delivery to your garage. The majority of carriers invoice about 1 euro per kilometre. You can also be represented by a friend or relative, or a professional, but you must give them legal power of attorney (ask the freight forwarder for the correct form of this power of attorney). They should present themselves with their identity card at our freight forwarder' office.

From which port will my vehicle leave?

It depends on the location of the vehicle and the port selected for its arrival. In most cases, it is transported to the nearest US port. The main US ports from where your vehicle is likely to leave in California are Long Beach and San Francisco, for Houston, Texas, for New York, New Jersey, for Miami, Florida and Jacksonville for 'ro-ro' (roll-on / roll-off) departures, i.e. without a container.

Which destination port should I select?

If you live in France, the vehicle will arrive in Le Havre; if you live in Belgium or near the border or in Luxembourg, the port of arrival is Antwerp or Rotterdam. You can select the destination on our website. We export all over the world including to the West Indies, Australia and New Caledonia, to name only a few countries.

How much does US transport to Switzerland cost?

The most obvious method is to transport the vehicle to Le Havre and then send it to our agent in Switzerland (Lausanne or Zurich by private carrier for an amount of 1,450 euros (to be validated). You will pay taxes to the freight forwarder who will clear your vehicle at customs. VAT in Switzerland is 8%.

What is the cost of transporting a vehicle from the US seller to the nearest port?

These rates are given as an indication without being contractual. They will depend on the location of the seller, the port of departure and the corresponding port of arrival.

For example:
- Economy: Beyond 100 miles you will be charged $ 1.80 per mile.
- Standard: Beyond 100 miles you will be charged $ 2.45 per mile.
- Premium: Beyond 100 miles you will be charged $ 2.75 per mile.
- Prestige: Beyond 100 miles you will be charged $ 4.25 per mile.

Main US ports: Los Angeles - Texas - Houston - Miami - New Jersey

What is the cost of transport from the US East Coast to Western Europe?

Example, to date, of the cost of transport by shared container (4 vehicles maximum):

1. Economy, Standard and Platinum pack
- Small vehicle: $ 1,050
- Medium-sized vehicle: $ 1,450
- Large vehicle: $ 1,750

2. Prestige pack - 20 foot dedicated container (1 vehicle only)
Total: $ 2,650

Additional handling fee: $ 150 (original documents sent)

What is the cost of transport from the US West Coast to Oceania?

The total is $ 3,650 for a container of 20 feet and $ 5,480 for a container 40 feet; in this case you can add items to the container.

What is the cost of US transport to Reunion, Guadeloupe or Martinique?

The most obvious method is to transport the vehicle to Le Havre first and then send it to the overseas destination of your choice.
Example: Transport from Le Havre to Martinique costs 1,650 euros.

What is the cost of insurance, land and sea transport, from the American seller to the arrival at the port of destination?

- Standard pack 1.50% * (deductible: $ 1000)
- Premium package 1.80% * (deductible: $ 800)
- Prestige package 2.10% * (deductible: $ 500)
* Of the stated price of the vehicle

How much does marine insurance cost?

With the Standard package, you benefit from insurance covering the total loss of the vehicle. This is the case, for example, when a container falls overboard or is damaged in such a way that the vehicle is not recoverable and is declared totally lost by an expert. Any other damage caused during transport such as bumps or other scratches is not covered by this policy.

With the Premium package, the insurance covers the damage caused during transport by fire or theft. This insurance covers the obvious damage caused during transport as well as the total loss of the vehicle.

With the Prestige package, insurance covers all damage caused during transport by fire or theft, bumps, scratches and other obvious damage during transport, as well as total vehicle loss. In all cases, a deductible of $ 1,000 applies systematically in case of damage.

Do I have to insure my vehicle when I pick it up?

Absolutely! You must have an insurance certificate to cover your journey. You can take out temporary insurance with the Customs Service.

I want to buy a vehicle in the United States to export it. Can I drive on my holidays in the USA?

This implies that you are able to insure the vehicle with an American company. We are able to put you in contact with American insurers for a fee of $ 100, which will be invoiced to you by our service. US auto insurance premiums are usually quite high, and it is important to be well insured. Alternatively, you can rent a vehicle on site, rates are advantageous, and it is even possible to rent vintage cars.

Is there any warranty on vehicles purchased abroad?

The majority of vintage vehicles are not under warranty. Recent vehicles, however, have effective warranty on American soil, but as soon as the vehicle leaves the USA, the warranty may no longer apply. In Europe, dealers of foreign brands in the territory are required to apply the manufacturer's warranties on new vehicles, even if the vehicle was purchased in its country of origin.

What happens if a second inspection is requested and demonstrates once again that the vehicle does not meet my expectations?

You should reconsider your budget to be certain to protect yourself from this kind of problem. It is worth recalling that the quality of a vehicle depends essentially on the budget allocated to this investment.

Can you register my vehicle?

Vehicle registration often involves compliance. We can refer you to competent professionals. You are free to conduct your own research to locate a specialist near you. In France, for vehicles over 30 years old, an attestation of historical interest is sufficient and exempts them from inspection by the Mines.

Who takes care of the customs clearance of my vehicle?

You have nothing to do. A freight forwarder will take care of your customs clearance procedures. Obviously, you can undertake the administrative procedures yourself, at a lower cost. However, these formalities remain complex.

Are there taxes on a new vehicle?

If the vehicle is new and unregistered, this first step must be taken with the US prefecture (DMV). VAT is 9.2% plus about 5% to obtain the registration certificate and the plates. This service will be charged at $ 250 by our company in addition to the cited taxes.

What are the taxes and fees to pay when my vehicle arrives in France?

For collector vehicles older than 30 years, VAT is 5.5%. This tax does not apply to replicas, not being considered as historical vehicles. The tax applied in this case is 20% VAT plus 10% customs duties. Beware of pseudo restorations that modify the original model too much. Customs can reclassify the vehicle as a 'replica'. For used vehicles less than 30 years old, the tax in force is 20% VAT and 10% customs duties.

How can I find out precisely the amount of taxes in force in my country of residence?

The taxes mentioned on our website are non-contractual and for example only. The best way obtain information about the taxes in your country is to consult the customs department in your area or the port nearest you.

What are the taxes to pay when my vehicle arrives in Belgium or the Netherlands?

If you live in Belgium, it is recommended to clear your vehicle in Rotterdam and then have it delivered to your home. This allows a reduction of taxes on arrival. In Rotterdam, a collector vehicle of more than 30 years is subject to 6% VAT and is exempt from customs duties. This taxation does not apply to replicas, not being considered as historical vehicles. The tax applied in this case is 21% VAT and 10% customs duties.

What are the taxes to pay when my vehicle arrives in the West Indies?

In this case, VAT is 8%. To this must be added the sea cargo, which corresponds to 28% (of the price paid of the vehicle or the value determined by the tax services?)

If I order a vehicle through you, what are the fees to pay on arrival?

On arrival, the customs clearance fee needs to be paid to the freight forwarder. In some rare cases, it is possible that an unexpected customs check takes place on the container carrying your vehicle. In this specific case, charges apply, but they are nevertheless shared between the different owners of the vehicles loaded inside the container.

What are the costs to pay when my vehicle arrives at the port?

VAT, customs and freight charges must be paid directly to our forwarding agent.

I received the vehicle, but I am missing the documents?

The documents are usually transported in an express and secured way to the freight forwarder who must have them in order to pass through customs. These documents will be given to you by the freight forwarder once the vehicle has cleared customs and you are up to date with your payments.

I have misplaced my vehicle's paperwork. What should I do?

Please contact the freight forwarder in charge of customs clearance who can edit a duplicate.

I lost my US vehicle registration certificate. What should I do?

This situation is a reason for concern. It is nevertheless possible to obtain a new vehicle registration certificate from the US prefecture. This approach incurs a management fee that can be significant. This service is invoiced at $ 250 by our company plus the costs of obtaining a new registration certificate. No guarantee can be given to you regarding the positive outcome of this approach. Also, the expenses incurred cannot be reimbursed if the procedure fails.

I bought a vintage vehicle but did not receive the registration certificate or the transfer document. Why?

In some states, the registration certificate is not compulsory. In this case, it will not be possible to export the vehicle unless the seller has an old registration certificate, in which case an export is possible. This usually involves a fee related to the registration of the vehicle on the spot, VAT is 9.2% and approximately 5% for the registration certificate and the plates. This service will be charged $ 250 by our company in addition to the cited taxes.

I took out insurance and my vehicle suffered damage during transport. How can I make a claim?

Every effort will be made to ensure that the claim is processed by the insurer. Consider expressing reserves at the time of delivery of the vehicle. Also, take as many pictures as possible to support your claim. Report the damage to the freight forwarder who handled your vehicle's clearance. Think carefully about the different risks when choosing your 'pack'. Claims depend on it.

What types of services do you offer?

In general, all services to meet your needs in the context of the acquisition and import of a new, used or collector vehicle.

I have a vehicle in the United States and when I relocate, I wish to repatriate my vehicle. How do I proceed?

All you have to do is give us all the information you have about the vehicle, its condition and location, so that we can send you our best offer for repatriation.

I spotted a vehicle on a trip to the United States. Do you take care of its logistics?

Yes, just give us the complete details of the seller, as well as all the information about the vehicle, so we can send you a detailed costing.

During my trip to the United States, I paid a deposit to a seller. Can you help finalise the transaction?

Yes, you just have to send us the details of the seller, as well as the receipt of payment of the deposit and all the information in your possession about the vehicle. We will send you a complete costing of our services.

I am relocating. Do you take care of the logistics?

Yes, of course. Choose the package corresponding to the desired service offer in order to obtain a price estimate.

I do not speak English. Can help me translate the advert that interests me?

Yes, this service costs $ 100. We act as an intermediary for understanding adverts as well as communication with sellers and car experts.

I intend to go to the United States to buy a vehicle. Can you help me?

You will, of course, be accompanied by an advisor who speaks your language and who will relate to the salesmen all your prerequisites. You will have the opportunity to visit the dealers and sellers. The half day is charged at $ 500 by our company. Our adviser can assist you in your discussions with the seller to obtain the price you want.

I bought a vehicle in the United States. Can you take care of its import?

Yes, of course. All you have to do is give us all the information you have about the vehicle, its condition and location, and all the documents corresponding to your purchase. We will send you our best offer of service for its repatriation.

I live outside of the United States and I want to sell my vehicle in the USA. Can you take care of it?

Yes, we do it regularly. To do so, you must give us as much information as possible about your vehicle and at least ten high-quality pictures. We support the publication of the advert on various US sites and will handle calls from potential buyers. The cost of this service is $ 1,500 plus a 6% commission on the sale price of the vehicle once the transaction is finalised. The buyer will pay the import and delivery costs. We will supervise the transport of the vehicle to the USA and then its delivery to its new owner.

A friend would like to repatriate his vehicle at the same time as mine. Is it possible?

Yes, it depends on where the two vehicles are located. If they are too far away, this can lead to additional transport costs.

Can I put other items in the container?

Yes, the additional items corresponding to the vehicle are positioned on a pallet. This is a paid service. Please consult us for a price estimate. Please note that in case these additions do not correspond to the vehicle, customs will invoice you VAT on the purchase price of these items on arrival.

Is it possible to order items on an American website?

Yes. We will notify you of the address to which your packages will be transported. This service will cost $ 100 plus shipping and handling charges, if applicable.

Is it possible to order other types of vehicles?

Yes, it is possible to transport motorcycles, trucks, tractors, boats, helicopters, aircraft, etc. Please send us your request by email via the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Do you record communications?

Yes. All conversations are saved and archived. In the event of litigation, our lawyer will retrieve it and add it to the dossier for the purposes of the case. This allows us to keep scammers away.

Is it possible to communicate only by email?

In order to guarantee the quality of our services, we always favour a verbal telephone exchange, which is much more friendly and professional than a simple email. To be more responsive, our employees need to be able to communicate with you in real time to allow you to be first and foremost on the vehicle (s) of your choice.

Why buy a vehicle in the USA?

The US market offers a gigantic car fleet. Restorations are also easier thanks to its spare parts market. In addition, most Americans are real car enthusiasts and many of them maintain and restore their vehicles themselves. It is a kind of lifestyle for most of them. Finally, besides an incomparable choice, the cost is often more advantageous, which implies that buyers find their vehicles quickly.

How do you manage to have rates so well placed and why do not you charge more?

Our rates are calculated fairly and are based on the high volumes that we deal with. This allows us to obtain the best rates from the various service providers and to allow you to benefit from them.

Can I see the vehicle by myself before finalising the purchase?

It is quite possible for you to take a plane to come and see and try the vehicle you are about to buy. Take advantage to discover or rediscover this beautiful country that is the USA. Flights prices are attractive and flights are often direct. Once there, you can call our company to accompany you to the car dealers. This service will be charged at $ 500 by our company for a period of three hours.

Why is the vehicle I have selected already sold?

Some vehicles sell in an hour, others in a day. In any case, if you have already paid your pack, this money is not lost. It will of course be used for another project. This allows you to avoid bank delays if you want to buy a vehicle and reserve it immediately.

Why choose our company over another?

Simply for our experience and presence in the American Vehicle Logistics sector, more than twenty years of experience, hundreds of imported vehicles, our positioning on the American territory and our relations with the active agents of the American market (sellers, Experts, Carriers, Insurers, Freight forwarders, etc.), our availability and our responsiveness to our customers. In a word, our know-how at the best price.

I have the contact details of the seller. Can I order without your intermediary?

Absolutely. However, please note that we do not apply any margin on vehicles. We are exclusively responsible for the purchase, repatriation of the vehicle and various administrative formalities. As such, we are able to offer you complete services at advantageous rates while guaranteeing you an optimal level of security. Avoid the risks associated with importing a vehicle by trusting our company. We have exported more than 6,000 vehicles worldwide in the last ten years.

If I am unhappy with the vehicle, what are the possible solutions?

If a deposit has been requested by the seller, it will not be refundable, except if your approach directly with him does bears fruit, but in general, it will not be refunded. Warning: The quality of the vehicle depends on several criteria, but first of all on the budget dedicated to this investment. When buying a vehicle in the low price bracket of the market, you must be aware that the quality of it may match that of a vehicle not in perfect condition. In addition, for used and collectible vehicles, factors such as the age, mileage and location of the car will have an impact on its intrinsic quality. If you want to buy a vehicle in a good or excellent state of conservation and / or restoration, you will need to consider a more substantial investment, closer to the high market ranges. By selecting a pack, you will already have a good estimate of the condition of the inspected vehicle. It is important to note, however, that the time required to set up an expertise appraisal varies from 2 to 4 days. Organising an expertise appraisal does not constitute a reservation. The vehicle can be bought by someone else in the meantime and the expenses incurred cannot be refunded.

Is it possible to export weapons that I could have bought during my trip to the United States?

No. As you are not a US resident, you do not legally have the right to acquire a weapon on US soil, and you must also be licensed for this acquisition.

What do you offer in terms of security?

We have been present in this market since the early 1990s and are among the first companies to offer international automotive logistics. We have since exported several hundred vehicles around the world. Our company provides you with the security required for the smooth running of an acquisition abroad. We offer a range of services covering the entire procurement, inspection, transport and delivery needs of a vehicle purchased across the Atlantic. We have meticulously selected our partners for their reliability and competence although they remain totally and solely responsible for their services. Our reputation is well known for our reliability, our availability and our professionalism. We have numerous references to give to you on request.

What does 'Secure Transaction' mean?

In order to minimise risks associated with international transactions, this option allows funds to be transmitted via an account created specifically for this purpose. Verifications are then made before the currencies are sent to the seller of the vehicle, object of the acquisition.

This option is implemented to simplify and facilitate the completion of the acquisition. MOVE.CAR customers are under no obligation to take this option. It should be noted that in the case of a customer taking this option, MOVE.CAR, acting as a mailbox, cannot be held responsible for anything in case of any problem.

This option covers both the application fee and a percentage of the total amount of the purchase of the vehicle, as shown in the attached table. This sum represents the total amount of the funds transfer costs that will be charged to

MOVE.CAR From: 0 to $ 20,000 consider $ 199 administration fee and 6.95% on the vehicle price in dollars
From: $ 20,100 to $ 50,000 consider $ 150 administration fees and 6.15% *
From: 50,100 to $ 100,000 consider $ 125 administration fee and 5.95% *
Above $ 100,100 consider $ 105 administration fee and 5.15% *
* On vehicle price in dollars

What does 'Cash Reserve' mean?

This is the best solution for today's automotive market. It is also subscribed by more than half of our customers.

Given that good deals do not remain available for a very long time, it is wise to anticipate the purchase by having the sum ready for your acquisition. Indeed, sellers are rarely very patient. If the funds do not reach them quickly, the vehicles are sold to the most reactive buyer.

Please note that bank transfers may take several days and may be an obstacle to the completion of an acquisition. It would be a shame to miss a good deal for lack of anticipation.

In order to meet this situation, MOVE.CAR allows its customers or anyone wishing to acquire a vehicle on the American market to set up a cash reserve representing all or part of the envisaged amount at once or in stages for their acquisition. This constitution of cash reserves will be neither charged nor paid. It may be returned on first request by email, minus any expenses incurred by MOVE.CAR for expert appraisals and bank management fees will be deducted. The selected pack will be refunded. The refund will be made by international transfer. The costs is borne by the customer. The funds are managed by an institution listed on the US Bank Premiums list. The payment in the account is justified by a copy of the remittance slip. The maintenance of funds is justified on a quarterly basis at the request of the customer.

As soon as the customer informs MOVE.CAR of an advert corresponding to the target vehicle, MOVE.CAR intervenes within a maximum of 24 hours with the seller to trigger the appraisal. As soon as the expert appraisal has been received, MOVE.CAR may, at the customer's express request, transfer the deposit for the reservation, if the seller requests one.

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